Quip for Marketing

Turn chaos into a finely-tuned lead-generating machine. Use Quip to organize all of your work in one place where everyone has visibility and access. Communicate in real-time, make decisions together, and stay connected every step of the way.

Launch your next big thing

Give your marketing team and key stakeholders a single-source of truth to plan and execute your next marketing launch or creative campaign. Keep your team on track by assigning tasks with @mentions, making decisions in the document, and bringing everyone together when priorities change.

Track marketing campaign plans in Quip

Track and share your budget plans

Quip’s team-driven spreadsheets are modern, social, and contextual. Use a familiar interface and 400+ functions to build and share your budget with your team. Tell a story about your budget by adding spreadsheets to your documents to give context and visibility to stakeholders.

Share budget spreadsheets in Quip

Draft & review marketing content

Quip documents are the perfect place to draft website, email, and blog post copy. Your team can review with inline comments so feedback always has context. When it’s flawless and approved by the team, you can move your content to your preferred publishing platform for the world to see.

Draft and review copy in Quip

Party with 3rd parties

Securely share work with outside vendors and contractors and stay connected like you’re at the same desk. Use @mentions, inline comments, document messages, and 1:1 messages to communicate and collaborate in real-time with your 3rd party vendors and contractors.

Collaborate with external vendors in Quip

Organize work in one place

The best marketing team's run a tight ship where work is organized, accessible, and easy to keep tabs on. In Quip, your team can organize their work into folders to share with the whole team or just a few teammates. It's easy for everyone to keep tabs on updates through in-app notifications.

Organize marketing documents in Quip

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How the Quip Marketing Team uses Quip

Our marketing team loves Quip because it keeps the team organized, aligned, and connected. Here’s a few examples of documents and spreadsheets our marketing team uses often.

new relic
As our marketing team grows, Quip helps us stay connected, focused, and efficient.
Niels Fogt

Director of Growth Marketing at New Relic

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